The Weekend at the Beach

The Weekend at the Beach

This Weekend we decided to take you to the beach. Why to wait weeks or months. The next holiday is just around the corner. Just relax briefly at the weekend. Escape from the smock and the hectic Bangkok. Unpack your weekender and enjoy a few days or hours at the beach. Get swifter away from the sound of the ocean waves and enjoy the soft and warm breezes on your skin. Get your car ready and drive to the sea.

Koh Chang for a long Weekend
The cellophane-clear water and the beaches overhung with palm fronds will make you like you are in heaven. Rent out a Kayak and explore the island from the seaside and plunge into the waves or just stop at the white sand beaches. But a day at the beach is really too short for most of us so extend it to a long weekend.

Welcome to the Weekend at the Beach

A weekend trip to the seaside of Hua Hin
Let yourself pampered in the Boutique and stylish Hotels of Hua Hin. It’s the Thai weekenders favorite a few hours south from the bustling Bangkok. Not only because the royal family started heading here in the early 20th. Watch the palm leaves waving in the wind. End your day with a chilled glass of something nice.

Go with the waves

Spend a day at Koh Si Chang Tha Phang beach
Dip your feed in the crystal clear see of Koh Si Chang. Those beautiful white sand beaches will let you forget the stress of the past weeks. This little paradise is just a few hours a way from Bangkok. It’s the closest island to Bangkok.

The Beach escape

Life is too short be at the wrong places

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