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    Let go of your worries and Go Outback!

    Outback Steakhouse is the preferred destination of steak-lovers across the world, where the taste, quality and unmatched dining experience speak for themselves. Guests can enjoy the panoramic view of the city while relaxing in a casual ambiance featuring contemporary decor, a celebration of original Australian art and imagery reminiscent of the rich heritage of the Australian Outback. It shares a laid back, down to earth attitude towards life, making outback the perfect place to relax and let go of your worries. Their attitude towards food though is an entirely different story; A story of big, bold flavours and a story of quality, consistency and preparation. Against the backdrop of images suggestive of the rich Outback heritage, they take pride in serving you the juiciest of steaks and the choicest seafood, prepared with the freshest of ingredients imaginable. Add to this the concentrated service provided by every Outbacker and you have a unique and gratifying dining experience!


    Outback Steakhouse proudly traces its beginnings to the entrepreneurial spirit of a group of restaurateurs in Tampa. Inspired by the hit movie Crocodile Dundee, Outback Steakhouse was conceptualized as an American outlet with an Australian theme. Within a mere twenty years, the upstart steakhouse on Henderson street, Tampa has grown into a over 1000 -restaurant strong international chain spanning 23 countries in America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

    Philosophy and Values

    The success of Outback lies in their belief that their People – Outbackers, Customers, Suppliers and the Community, enjoy being part of something that they can be proud of, is fun and that includes and values them. They honour their belief by staunchly following their guiding principles of hospitality, quality, sharing, having fun, judgement and courage. Their unceasing commitment to deliver serious food, spirited drinks and concentrated service is what differentiates us from the rest. They recognize that a world-class reputation is built one customer at a time. Outback’s team strives to personalize the experience for each customer to make every occasion truly special. The clear sense of direction and belonging within us ensure that, at Outback there are ‘No Rules’ but everything is served ‘Just Right’.


    Everyday they start out fresh to create the unique and compelling dishes that their mates crave, making each one of their salads, dressings and sauces from scratch with fresh ingredients. They never cut corners and they do not settle for anything less than the authentic and the best, be it Norwegian salmon or Danish blue cheese. Their bold, full-flavoured food maintains a universal appeal, thanks to the secret Outback spice blend developed twenty years ago. Outback demonstrates their pride by executing their food to exacting standards, right from temperature to plate presentations – close is never good enough for Outbackers. At Outback, it’s all about the quality and all about the food!

    Best known for its generous portions of just right steaks, Pork ribs and chicken, Outback also offers an assortment of seafood favourites, crisp salads, premium burgers and freshly made soups and sides. Begin your dining adventure with any of their signature starters- Typhoon Bloom or buffalo style chicken wings. For the main course, choose among a wide variety of classic favourites of uniquely seasoned grilled steaks, ribs, chicken, pasta, burgers and seafood. Some of the new creations include Alice springs chicken quesadilla, pop corn shrimp and Perfect Combinations where you can savour 2 best sellers in one go. Top it off with their world famous dessert “Chocolate Thunder from Down Under”. Their beverages complement the bold flavours with a contemporary selection of cold beer, wine, signature cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages, each drink crafted to perfection by their skilled bartenders.

    Cheers, Mates!

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      FROM 11:00AM TILL 10:00PM (Every day)

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      Facebook: facebook.com/OutbackTH
      Website: Click here
      Email: [email protected]
      Telephone: +66-(0)-2-658-0202
      Address: Siam Discovery, Bangkok

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