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    Barons Fashion seems to be just another tailor crammed into Sukhumvit road desperately seeking new customers, but we have found it to be quite a little star amongst the others. As a result to WCA customer’s request that we add a tailor that is safe and would not rip them off, we began our search for a legitimate, high quality, and professional tailor we could trust our customers to.

    Barons offers everything we were looking for and it is ran by a trustworthy family who has guaranteed to provide all WCA holders with the lowest price possible, without the need for bargaining. Being that tailors do not have set prices, we determined this method of promotion give you the best value possible.

    So, if you are looking to get a suit or two made or want some custom fashion product made, you can trust that Barons Fashion will provide you with the best possible deal and fantastic quality. You don’t have to worry about getting ripped off or deal with bargaining as long as you have a valid WCA.

    To get a first impression, please have a look in the gallery below.

    1. Your WCA Deal
      Up to 50% OFF Best Price Guarantee without negotiations
      Only valid for WCA holders.
      Get it now!

      Get Directions

      Business Hours

      FROM 10:00AM TILL 09:00PM (Mon-Sat)
      FROM 11:00AM TILL 05:00PM (Sun)

      Contact Baron’s Fashion

      Website: www.baronsfashions.com
      Email: [email protected]
      Telephone: +66-8-182-08058
      Address: 105-107 Sukhumvit Road., Opposite Landmark Hotel, Between Soi5 and Soi7


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