• White Card Asia’s Pledge to Make Bangkok an Even Better Place

    At White Card Asia, we are passionate about changing the world. We take it as our responsibility to use our business and it’s resources to better the well-being of people and the environment around us. That is why we have established the Give Twenty Five Campaign and built relationships with great organizations in Bangkok that are helping women and/or children in need. Every card purchased is helping make Bangkok a better place. In other words, Great Deals That Make a Difference.

  • 25% to organizations
    We donate 25% of the profits from each White Card Asia sold goes to great organizations in Bangkok that are making a real difference. We have close relationships with each organization so you can trust that our donations are going to great causes.
    We focus primarily on helping women and children in need. Thus, most of our supported organizations are focusing on these causes. Please see below to check out the organizations we love and support.
  • 100 cards help a child
    Each time we sell 100 hundred cards, our office lights up with joy because we get to sponsor a child's education for a whole year! This is in addition to the 25% of profits that we already give away, meaning that each card you buy is having direct impact into making a child's year.
    To find out more about the children, please check out the Mercy Centre below. Also have a look at the other great organizations we love and support.

Organizations we support: