About WCA

What is WCA?

What is WCA?

White Card Asia (WCA) is your key to unlock and enjoy Bangkok for all it’s worth. It is an actual privilege card that provides an accumulation of great deals of up to 50% off at what we believe to Bangkok’s best experiences. This include the best restaurants, cafes, daily activities, spas, and bars. Simply bring a valid White Card Asia to any of our partners and show it before you pay or check in and receive your fantastic WCA deal.

In addition, WCA’s partner’s are checked first hand by our amazing team to insure that they are a truly fantastic experience and are free of any illegal activity. This means you are guaranteed to have a great time when using our card. Our partners represent Bangkok’s greatness, culture, beauty, and fun nature, and our team makes sure no uncomfortable activity, such as drugs, gambling, or prostitution is occurring at any of our partners. WCA partners rock so get out there and enjoy Bangkok!

How WCA Works

How WCA Works

After you buy your WCA, simply bring the card to any of our partners and show it as you check in or pay your bill. You will then receive your fantastic WCA deal of up to 50% off and even get some free stuff.

If you want to get access to WCA’s deals for a group, please contact us at [email protected] to get our special group price.

Stay up to date about our latest deals and partners by following us on Facebook and checking the website. We are constantly updating to keep you in the loop.


Our Mission

To share Bangkok’s best experiences with the world while providing fantastic deals and engaging our customers in making Bangkok an even better place

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At White Card Asia, our team is passionate about making Bangkok an even better place. We are one of the few businesses in Bangkok that is committed to help women and children in need. It is part of the core values of White Card Asia to involve our business in the social development of Bangkok, and therefore it is very important to us that our business always remains apart of a long-term social responsibility initiative.

This is why all our partners are guaranteed to be safe and free of any illegal activity. We will not promote any company that allows for child labor, human trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, drugs, gambling or any other illegal or uncomfortable activity.

25% of our profits go directly into local organizations or charities helping women and children. With every card you buy, you are helping to make Bangkok a better place.

For more information please check out our social responsibility campaign: Give 25

Our Core Values

    • Social Responsibility

      Our first core value is to use our business and its resources to make the world a better place. We strongly believe in sustainability, caring for our environment, and helping the people we come into contact with.

    • Teamwork

      White Card Asia is nothing without our amazing team. We believe in our team and working together to make a wonderful experience for our customers.

    • Focus on the Future

      We are never done, we only reach milestones. We will not stop finding the best places and guiding our customers to the best experiences in Bangkok and beyond.

    • Building Up Bangkok

      We see our business as a great opportunity to increase the image that Bangkok has around the world. Bangkok is awesome! and we want you to see it for what it is.

    • Challenging Other Business

      Our business model is unique, especially the social aspect. We hope to inspire other businesses in Bangkok to follow suit. You can help – the more you suggest social responsibility to our partners, the more influence we have.

    • Strive for Excellence

      We strive for excellence in every aspect of our business operations. From design to customer relationship we want to be the best.

Meet the WCA team!

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    Jan Rohweder

    Co Founder — Managing Director

    Jan has lived in the vibrant capital of Thailand for several years now. After different positions in the fields of Online Publishing, PR and Digital Marketing, he found his way to White Card Asia. He is responsible for our General Business Operations. Contact him directly: Send an email

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    Robert Bolton

    Co Founder — Creative Director

    For several years Robert has been deeply involved in social projects around the world, especially in Bangkok, and is our direct connection to the organizations we support. Here at White Card Asia, he is responsible for our Creative and Strategic departments. Contact him directly: Send an email

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    The WCA Team

    — Customer Support & Content Writer

    Our International team works 24/7 to make your holiday in Bangkok an amazing experience. No matter what your question is, we will do everything to find the answer to it. Shoot us emails to [email protected]

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